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Fredrik Alderström

Employee Experience Sales Nordics, ServiceNow


Sabina Olsson

Chief Human Resources Officer, Nexus


Daniel Suess

Commercial Director, Keesing Technologies


Daniel Hjort

Director of Business Development and Marketing, Nexus

Welcome to a webinar with ServiceNow - Nexus - Keesing Technologies!

How do you really know who you are employing?

We have spotted a new and growing trend, when you are about to employ a person, you will meet someone for the interview, you really like the person and offers the job. Then, the first day at work, another persons shows up with the right IDs claiming to be the person you have employed.  How could this happened? What are the risks for the CEO and the HR manager if the identities are not validated properly?

June 22nd, 2021 10.00 - 11.00 am Online

During the webinar, we will discuss forged identities and what you as an employer need to know. How can organizations increase security and efficiency by replacing manual work during the onboarding process of a new employee with automated workflows.

During the webinar, you will get answers to important questions such as:

  • How do you as an HR manager make sure you know who you are having an interview with? Is it the same person that will sign the employment documents? The phenomenon with false identities has been more common during the pandemic when you might not meet the new-hire face to face until their first day.
  • Counterfeit ID documents are becoming more common, are easy to obtain and the quality is getting better. Is it even possible to discover that a document is not correct with a bare eye?
  • During the onboarding process of a new employee, many HR departments must manually register and handle personal data in different systems. This is a time consuming process where the risk of mistakes is high. How can this be done more efficiently and securely?
  • How can your company replace manual workflows with automated processes?


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