GISEC is the undisputed show for security business and the industry’s leading super-connector – bringing together full-powered synergies of cyber security across industries, enterprises, and governments from 40+ countries.

21 to 23 March, 2022 10 AM to 6 PM GST DWTC, Bulwark booth (C49)

With billions of things connecting to the Internet, the challenge is how to address security, privacy, and safety concerns. Nexus has been empowering global enterprises and governments to transform the way they manage trusted digital identities. 

Our flagship identity management platform, Nexus Smart ID, leverages PKI to enable true end-to-end security and prevent cyber attacks. Smart ID allows you to issue and automate the management of trusted identities for IoT and smart devices, corporate users and devices, customers, partners, and citizens.

Smart ID is a proven solution, relied upon by our customers across industries.




At the booth, we will also host a series of sessions to showcase how a single platform can address all identity-related concerns to create a secure connected ecosystem.



Nexus will be at Bulwark's booth (hall 6, booth C49) at GISEC.

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