Read the complimentary Gartner report “How We Will Work in 2028”

Identity and security company Nexus Group has licensed research from the independent technology research and advisory firm Gartner to offer partners, customers and potential customers relevant and trustworthy information.

According to Gartner’s report “How We Will Work in 2028”, we believe CIOs and CHROs must anticipate how trends in business, society, technology and information will converge to change where, when, why and with whom we will work in a digital business. We are confident that this 15-page report will help you understand these key challenges:

  • "We Working" will eliminate much of middle management
  • Constant upskilling and employee digital dexterity will outweigh tenure and experience
  • Smart machines will be our co-workers
  • Work-life balance challenges will reveal a new dark side


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Gartner, How We Will Work in 2028, De’Onn Griffin, Mark Coleman, February 27 2018. 
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