eSign: an innovative solution for secure electronic signing

eSign, an online electronic signature service, offers businesses a mechanism to replace manual paper-based signatures by integrating digital signatures within their applications. An authenticated user can electronically sign a form, a transaction or any other document anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

eSign was originally introduced to use Aadhaar-based KYC to provide a secure digital signing mechanism that could be easily scaled-up to a billion people. It has since been extended to include bank-based KYC. Thus, in addition to trusted Certifying Authorities (CAs), banks can launch an eSign service based on their own KYC-verified customer database. Alternatively, an eSign service can be setup based on a 3rd party bank’s KYC-verified database.

With Smart ID for eSign, Nexus provides a combination of PKI-based security, the convenience of biometrics, and non-repudiable eSignatures, all while empowering citizens to sign documents and transactions directly from their phones.

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